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Coxmoor Golf Club


My name is Kieron Nelson and I have been fortunate enough to be elected captain of Coxmoor Golf Club for 2023.

I joined the club in 2004 and have been an active member of the committee for the last 6 years, having served as house chair and most recently as club vice-captain. Whilst I know a lot of members already, it is my goal to try and play with as many as possible and if that is not possible try and engage with you all in the clubhouse.

I have 4 exchange days organised and a captain’s away trip to Liverpool, which I am pleased to say is full already. The exchange days are a great way to mix with members new and old, and more importantly they are a great day out, with much fun and banter, which is what being a member of Coxmoor is all about.

Each year the captains have a nominated charity and this year my fellow counterpart, lady captain, Barbara Henson we have chosen “Dementia UK” a very worthwhile cause, which effects so many people around the world.

I look forward to a great golfing season, i am deeply honoured to be captain of this great club, who’s reputation is second to none.

Coxmoor is a great place to be, and I cannot wait for the year to start.

Kieron Nelson

Club Captain 2023


I am very honoured to be representing Coxmoor Golf Club as the 2023 Lady Captain.

For those of you who know me you will be aware that I was Lady Captain in 2008 so to be asked to perform these duties again makes me very proud.

It will be a busy year this year both socially and competition wise in both the Ladies section and the club generally. Both Kieron Nelson, our new Club Captain and I have lots planned!! I am looking forward to playing in as many competitions and matches as I can and also alongside Kieron in the mixed.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members and visitors and hope that you enjoy our ever improving and challenging course.

I am wishing everyone a happy, healthy and enjoyable golfing year for 2023.

Barbara Henson

Lady Captain 2023

Junior Captain 2023

Jay-J Middleton


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