October 2020
DayDate  EventCategory 
Thu110.30am to 10.40amLayton x 2 wp Visitors 
  10.50amSheringham x 2 Visitors 
  11.00am to 12.30pmBARS GS TBC Visitors 
  12.40pm to 12.50pmJoyce x 4 wp Visitors 
  1.15pm to 1.50pmBarnett x 16 WP Visitors 
Fri26.00am to 1.15pmPGA Captain pro regional Qualifier Visitors 
  4.30pm to 4.40pmCampbell x 2 Visitors 
Tue6 Fairclough X4 Visitors 
  11.45am to 11.55amCheshire x 4 wp Visitors 
Wed711.00am to 11.10amKing x 4 Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.15pmBryan x 8 wp Visitors 
Thu810.30am to 10.35amHudson x 2 Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.10amRoberts x 4 wp Visitors 
Fri910.30am to 10.45amKING X 8 WP Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.05amjosh hall pga x4 Visitors 
  11.10am to 11.30amHall x 12 Visitors 
  12.15pm to 12.25pmCopt Heath x 4 Visitors 
Mon1210.30am to 10.45amShort x 5wp Visitors 
  10.50am to 11.00amPulley x 2 wp Visitors 
  11.30am to 12.00pmCooper x 12 to 16 wp Visitors 
Tue1311.30am to 12.00pmWatson x 9 wp Visitors 
  12.10pm to 12.30pmGardiner x 6 wp Visitors 
  12.30pm to 12.50pmShinebaum x 8 wp Visitors 
  1.00pmBowles x 6 wp Visitors 
Thu1510.30am to 10.45amSpooner x 6 Visitors 
  10.50am to 11.00amMelanie Brown x 4 wp Visitors 
  12.00pmhughes x3 Visitors 
  12.10pm to 12.20pmPSRE Group x 4 Visitors 
  12.30pm to 12.40pmGoldaker x 4 Visitors 
  2.15pm to 2.25pmMiller x 3 Visitors 
Fri1610.30am to 12.00pmPannal Golf Club x 36 Visitors 
  12.15pm to 12.25pmSW x 4 Visitors 
  12.30pmwilliamson x 4 wp Visitors 
  1.10pm to 1.20pmMcKAY X 4 Visitors 
  1.30pm to 1.45pmBeau Desert x 8 Visitors 
Mon1910.45am to 10.55amPritchard x 4 wp Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.10amDallas x 4 wp Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.30pmBM X 16 Visitors 
  1.00pmPolice match Visitors 
Tue2012.45pm to 12.55pmMorris x 4wp Visitors 
Wed2110.30am to 11.00amBretby WP x 10 Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.30amCoventry police wp x 11 Visitors 
  12.00pmCLARICOAT X4 Visitors 
Thu2210.30am to 11.15amSywell Golf Society  1.00pm to 1.45pmVisitors 
  11.30am to 11.40amSharmin x 4 wp Visitors 
  11.40am to 11.50amPSRE Group x 4 Visitors 
  12.15pmX10 EMBERY WP Visitors 
  12.35pm to 12.50pmKedleston Park x 8 Visitors 
  1.45pm to 1.50pmBOUCHER X 2 wp Visitors 
Fri2310.30am to 11.30amOutlaws GS x 32 Visitors 
  11.40amO'Keeffe x 4 Visitors 
  11.45amCopt Heath x 4 Visitors 
  11.50am to 12.00pm Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.20pmStuart x 12 wp Visitors 
  12.30pm to 1.40pmHarris x 34 Visitors 
  1.50pm to 2.00pmClarke x 4 Visitors 
Mon2611.00am to 12.00pmNotts Polce match Visitors 
Tue2711.45am to 11.55amWhitfield Green x 4 Visitors 
Wed2810.30am to 10.45amMiddleton x 8 wp Visitors 
  10.55amupfield x 2 WP Visitors 
  11.00amROSEWARNE X4 WP Visitors 
  11.15am to 11.40amLinford x 12 wp Visitors 
Thu2910.50am to 11.00amMORRIS x 4 Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.15amJohnson x 8 Visitors 
  11.45amWing field X4 WP Visitors 
Fri3010.30am to 12.00pmAdmiral Rodney GS wp x 30 Visitors 
  12.30pm to 12.50pmSmith x 12 wp Visitors 
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