October 2021
DayDate  EventCategory 
Fri110.30am to 10.40amMr G Wass (4) General 
  10.50am to 11.10amNaylor x 8 wp Visitors 
  11.30am to 12.00pmNorthwood gs wp x 14 Visitors 
  12.00pm to 2.30pmAIPS Golf Day Visitors 
  1.00pm to 3.00pmMusgrove room Clubhouse 
  2.30pm to 2.40pmMr Spencer (4) General 
Sat2 Sat Medal Home Match 
Sun311.00am to 12.00pmLadies Medal Final Club Comp. 
  1.00pm to 2.00pmCaptain's Cup Club Comp. 
Mon4 COURSE & CLUBHOUSE CLOSED- No access allowed  Driveway being re-surfaced General 
   Course Maintenance - Fairway Verti-Draining General 
   No bookings allowed General 
Tue5 COURSE & CLUBHOUSE CLOSED- No access allowed  Driveway being re-surfacedGeneral 
   Course maintenance - Fairway Verti-Draining General 
   No bookings allowed General 
Wed6 COURSE MAINTENANCE - Fairway Verti-Draining General 
  10.30am to 10.50amClayford x 8 wp Visitors 
Thu7 COURSE MAINTENANCE - Fairway Verti-Draining General 
  10.30amMr P Baxter (4) General 
  12.15pm to 1.30pmNomads gs Visitors 
  1.30pmJones Visitors 
  1.30pmRay Turner Funeral wake Clubhouse 
  1.45pm to 1.55pmMr Oakes (4) General 
  2.10pm to 2.20pmMr M Webb (3) General 
Fri8 COURSE MAINTENANCE - Fairway Verti-Draining General 
  10.30am to 10.45amCavaliers GS x 8 wp Visitors 
  11.20amFARMER X 2 Visitors 
  11.30am to 12.00pmHarvey x 16 wp Visitors 
  12.10pmwalters x3 WP General 
  12.30pm to 12.50pmBishop x 9 Visitors 
  2.30pm to 2.40pmMr S Moorcroft (4) WP General 
Sat912.00pm to 1.00pmClub Match V Lincoln GC Home Match 
  1.00pm to 2.00pmTony Thorpe Salvers Home Match 
Sun10 Captains Charity AM AM Open Comp. 
Mon11  Visitors 
   Course Develpoment Work General 
  10.30amHart x10WP Visitors 
  10.45amWayne Clarke. X2 WP Visitors 
  11.10am to 11.25amMattson x 6 Visitors 
  11.30am to 11.50amHorsefield x 12 wp Visitors 
  12.00pmRye x4 Visitors 
  1.00pmtaylor x2 Visitors 
  5.45pmCOURSE & CLUBHOUSE CLOSED  From 5.45pm until Tuesday - Road Work completionGeneral 
Tue12 Course Develpoment Work General 
  10.00am to 11.30amLadies comp Club Comp. 
  11.45am to 12.00pmYoung x 6 Visitors 
  12.30pm to 12.40pmHibbert x 2 wp Visitors 
  12.50pmDunn x 4 Visitors 
  1.00pmlovelock x 8 Visitors 
  1.20pmJones Visitors 
  4.00pm to 6.00pmMusgrove room  Ladies committee meetingClubhouse 
Wed13 Course Development Work General 
  10.30am to 10.45amBloodworth x 6 wp Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.20amCloyston x 12 Visitors 
  12.00pm to 1.00pmPolice/Fire/Civil v UKAFGA  Practice RoundVisitors 
  1.10pm to 1.20pmG MURPHY X 8 Visitors 
Thu14 Course Development Work General 
  9.00am to 10.00amPolice/Fire/Civil v UKAFGA  1.00pm to 2.00pmVisitors 
  10.30am to 10.50amBretby gs x 10 wp Visitors 
  11.20am to 11.25amHallamshire x 2 Visitors 
  11.45am to 11.55amMr Shackleton (4) General 
  12.00pm to 12.15pmBeau Desert x 8 Visitors 
  1.00pm to 2.00pmPolice 2nd round General 
Fri15 Course Development Work General 
  11.45am to 11.55am Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.10pmrobinson x 6 Visitors 
  1.00pm to 1.40pmMr B Addley - The Quarrymen 20 General 
  2.30pm to 2.40pmMr Hoy (4) WP General 
  7.00pmLady Captain's Dinner Clubhouse 
Sat16 TITLEIST FITTING DAY 9.00 - 12.45  Please contact the Pro Shop for more details or to book a fitting slotGeneral 
  8.00am to 8.10amFoursomes Final 2020 General 
  11.30am to 2.30pmRyder Cup v Wollaton Park Home Match 
Sun1711.00am to 11.30amLadies Medal Club Comp. 
  11.40am to 2.30pmRyder Cup v Wollaton Park Away Match 
  12.30pm to 1.45pmHogan x 32 wp Visitors 
Mon1810.30am to 1.30pmLincoln golf club Presidents Exchange day Visitors 
  1.30pm to 1.35pmYoung x 3 Visitors 
  1.45pm to 2.00pmGodley x 4 wp Visitors 
  2.00pm to 2.15pmMr Armstrong (6) WP General 
Tue1911.30am to 11.40amMr Emerton (4) WP General 
  12.00pm to 2.00pmDore & Totley winter package Visitors 
Wed20 Weds Medal Club Comp. 
Thu2110.30am to 11.45amAdmiral Rodney x 36 Visitors 
  12.30pm to 12.50pmBarnett x 9 wp Visitors 
  1.00pm to 1.10pmMr S Bray (4) General 
  1.10pm to 1.20pmMr Philps (4) General 
Fri2210.30ammR jOHN hAWKER X2 WP General 
  10.40amHarvey x2 wp Visitors 
  10.50am to 11.20amSCC Golf Society x 16 Visitors 
  11.45am to 11.55am General 
  12.00pm to 1.00pmPolice match Visitors 
  1.00pm to 1.10pmGallagher x 4 Visitors 
  1.30pmNelson x4 Visitors 
  6.30pmPresentation Evening + Fish Night  Fish Night 5.00pm to 6.15pmClubhouse 
Sat23 Fur & Feather Club Comp. 
Sun24 Fur & Feather Club Comp. 
Mon2510.00am to 11.00amSeniors- end of season bash Home Match 
  12.10pmSOUTHIE X4 WP Visitors 
Tue2610.00am to 11.30amLadies Medal Club Comp. 
  11.30am to 11.35amHallis x 3 wp Visitors 
  11.45amx6 robertson wp Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.05pmKelly x 1 Visitors 
Wed2710.30ampayton x 2 Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.10amBrennan x 4 wp Visitors 
  11.15amdurkin x 3 General 
Thu2810.30am to 10.40amWellingborough GC X 8 Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.10amMr C Swinscoe (4) General 
  12.00pm to 12.20pmShinfield x 12 Visitors 
  6.00pmManagement Meeting  Musgrove roomClubhouse 
Fri2910.30am to 12.20pmEnville GC x 38 Visitors 
  12.45pm to 1.15pmGolf Breaks x 11 Visitors 
Sat3011.30am to 11.40amFoursomes Knockout Final General 
Sun3111.00am to 11.30amLadies Medal (Q) Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 1.00pmCounty Junior Girls Home Match 
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