August 2020
DayDate  EventCategory 
Sat1 Shepperson Trophy Club Comp. 
Sun2 Junior Medal Club Comp. 
   Shepperson Trophy Club Comp. 
  1.00pm to 2.00pmClub Match v Stoke Rochford  CancelledHome Match 
Mon310.30am to 10.40amOrmskirk GC x 4 Visitors 
  1.15pm to 2.00pmLadies Friendly v Beeston Fields  CancelledHome Match 
Tue410.00am to 12.30pmLady Captain's Day - Gents at 4.00pm Club Comp. 
Wed510.30am to 10.45am& 3.30pm Mr Turton 7 General 
  10.45am to 11.00amhumpfries x8 Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.10pmMahood x 2 Visitors 
  1.30pmSEVET X 4 Visitors 
  2.00pm to 3.00pmNotts Police v Derbyshire Visitors 
Thu6 Seniors Open 4BBB  Re-arranged Open Comp. 
Fri711.00amchallen x 4 Visitors 
  11.10am to 11.20amgilpin beau desert Visitors 
  12.30pmBEVERLEY X8 Visitors 
  1.00pmnorfolk x4 Visitors 
  1.40pm to 1.50pmGREEN X 6 Visitors 
  2.00pmMr D Owen (4) General 
  2.10pmDOWTHWAITE X4 Visitors 
  2.30pmAminder (3) General 
  3.00pmMr Warriner (4) General 
  3.10pmthornley x 4 Visitors 
  4.00pmMr Turner (4) General 
Sat8 Medal Club Comp. 
Sun9 Mick Fisher Trophy Club Comp. 
  11.00am to 12.00pmLadies Medal - Cancelled Club Comp. 
  2.00pm to 2.20pmGurney x 8 Visitors 
Mon10 Ladies Open AM AM Stableford Open Comp. 
  8.45amSeniors v Worksop  CancelledAway Match 
  3.00pmMAWSTON X4 General 
Tue11 COURSE MAINTENANCE   Back 9 holes closed all dayGeneral 
  10.00am to 11.30amLadies comp Club Comp. 
  3.00pm& 5.15 T Winsor (2) General 
Wed12 COURSE MAINTENANCE   Front 9 holes closed all dayGeneral 
  9.30amSeniors v Norwood Park  CancelledAway Match 
  5.00pmJENKS X1 Visitors 
  10.30am to 12.00pmNeal x 36 Visitors 
  3.00pmHarrison Quirk (1) General 
Sat15 Scott Cup Q Club Comp. 
  7.00pmPrivate Party Clubhouse 
Sun16 Hodgson Rose Bowl Club Comp. 
  5.00pmWALKER X1 Visitors 
Mon177.00am to 3.10pmNotts PGA Pro AM - Course Closed until 3.00pm Visitors 
  3.15pmCOOK General 
  4.00pmSherwood (4) General 
Tue1810.00am to 11.30amLadies Medal 10 to 11.30 5.00 to 5.30 + 9 hole Club Comp. 
  11.45am to 11.50amJohnson x 2 Visitors 
  12.15pm to 12.25pmSherwood Forest Courtesy X 4 Visitors 
  2.00pmCopperthwaite x 4 Visitors 
  2.30pm to 2.40pmSherwood Forest Courtesy X 4 Visitors 
Wed19 Weds Medal Club Comp. 
Thu2012.30pm to 12.45pmSherwood Forest Courtesy X 8 Visitors 
  1.00pm to 1.10pmRichards x 4 tbc Visitors 
  1.20pmNEIL TAYLOR X4 Visitors 
  1.30pmNOYE Visitors 
  1.40pm to 1.50pmShepherd x 2 Visitors 
  2.00pm to 2.10pmToyne x 2 Visitors 
  3.30pm to 3.35pmEllery x 2 Visitors 
Fri2110.30am to 10.45amSherwood Forest Courtesy X 8 Visitors 
  10.50am to 10.55amRichards x 4 tbc Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.10amStow x 4 Visitors 
  11.30am to 11.40amPearce x 2 Visitors 
  12.00pmDEHAVLLAND X2 Visitors 
  2.00pm to 3.00pmPolice match Visitors 
Sat22 Junior Stableford Club Comp. 
   Pros Comp General 
  2.45pm to 2.50pmSargent x 2 Visitors 
  3.00pm to 3.10pmFlanagan x 4 Visitors 
  3.30pmO Musgrave (2) General 
  4.00pmPRACTIC ROUND INMAN X2 Visitors 
  5.00pmOSBOURNE Visitors 
  5.30pm to 5.40pmTaylor & Betteridge Visitors 
Sun23 Coxmoor Cockerel - course closed Open Comp. 
Mon2410.00am to 12.45pmCoxmoor Junior Open Open Comp. 
  4.00pm to 4.10pmMr Hatton (4) General 
Tue25  General 
  10.00am to 11.30amStableford Q Club Comp. 
Wed26 Junior Stableford Club Comp. 
  10.30am to 10.40amBagshaw x 2 Visitors 
  10.30am to 11.30amSeniors v Newark  CancelledHome Match 
  10.45am to 10.55amMann x 4 Visitors 
  11.00am to 12.20pmBrian Scott Memorial x 40 Visitors 
  2.15pm to 2.25pmMr Simpson (4) General 
Thu27 Gent's Seniors Open Open Comp. 
Fri2810.30amMr Higton (4) General 
  11.30am to 1.00pmPannal Golf Club x 36 Visitors 
  1.10pmALLFREE X4 Visitors 
Sat29 Bank Holiday 4BBB Club Comp. 
Sun30 Bank Holiday AM AM Club Comp. 
Mon31 Bank Holiday Texas Scramble Club Comp. 
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