September 2020
DayDate  EventCategory 
Tue110.00am to 11.30amLadies comp Club Comp. 
  11.45am to 11.50amTownsend x 2 Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.30pmhodgson x12 Visitors 
  1.00pm to 1.10pmBeau Desert x 4 Visitors 
Wed211.00amcope x 4 Visitors 
  11.30amLadies Silver League v Newark Away Match 
  12.30pmS Watkins (4) General 
  1.00pm to 1.10pmMatthew Smith x 4 Visitors 
  1.30pmC Jones (2) General 
Thu3 Gent's Open- re-arranged event Open Comp. 
Fri410.30amClifford (4) General 
  10.30amMixed Exchange at Headingley GC -   CancelledAway Match 
  10.50amhinchliff x8 market raisen Visitors 
  11.10amHIGTON General 
  12.15pm to 12.25pmQuickfall x 4 Visitors 
  1.00pm to 1.20pmWilcockson x 10 Visitors 
  1.30pm to 2.15pmBrowny's Boys General 
  2.30pmMULLIGAN X2 Visitors 
Sat5 Sat Medal Club Comp. 
  3.30pm to 3.45pm General 
Sun6 Mixed Open Open Comp. 
Mon710.30am to 11.00amBevan x 12 Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.10amSherwood Forest x 4 Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.10pmBurgess x 4 Visitors 
  1.00pmMr Corless (4) General 
  1.20pm to 1.30pmTom x 2 Visitors 
Tue810.00am to 11.30amLadies Medal + Snr Trophy +9 hole Club Comp. 
  11.30am to 12.15pmGrady x 16 Visitors 
  12.15pm to 12.30pmburgess x8 Visitors 
Wed910.30am to 12.00pmKenilworth GC Visitors 
  12.10pm to 12.20pmadams x6 Visitors 
  1.00pm to 1.15pmSanders x 8 Visitors 
  1.35pm to 1.45pmWhittington x 4 Visitors 
Thu1010.30am to 11.00amAero Golf Society Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.20amDave Bennet Memorial Golf Day x 12 Visitors 
  11.00amLadies Committee Exchange to Kirby Muxloe Away Match 
  11.20am to 11.30amNotts GC x 4 Visitors 
  11.30am to 11.45amWilliamson x 6 Visitors 
  11.50am to 11.55amNotts GC x 4 Visitors 
  12.00pmB Bainbridge (1) General 
  12.10pm to 12.30pmNotts GC X 8 Visitors 
  1.45pmrawson x4 Visitors 
  2.00pm to 3.00pmNotts Police match Visitors 
Fri11 Gents Invitation Day Open Comp. 
Sat12 Junior Championship Club Comp. 
   Pros Comp General 
Sun1311.00am to 12.30pmLadies Shacklock Trophy Club Comp. 
  1.00pm to 1.30pmTop 100 gs Visitors 
  1.30pmBeeteson Visitors 
  1.45pm to 2.15pmSaunders x 12 Visitors 
Mon14 Ladies Texas Scramble Open Comp. 
   PXG Fitting Day General 
  11.00amSeniors v Kedleston Park  CancelledAway Match 
Tue1510.00am to 11.30amWarner Cup + 9 hole qualifier Club Comp. 
  11.30am to 11.40amCountrywide x 4 Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.10pmGolf Escapes (4) General 
  12.15pm to 12.30pmBurgess x 7 Visitors 
  12.30pm to 12.40pmSHEWAN X4 Visitors 
  12.50pmNathan General 
  1.30pm to 2.15pmGads GS- Visitors 
  2.30pmM Stonehill (4) General 
Wed16 Herbert Veterans Trophy Club Comp. 
  10.30amMr Jones (9) Visitors 
  11.00am to 11.10amMoortown GC Visitors 
  12.15pm to 12.25pmBird x 3 Visitors 
  12.30pmdewhurst x 4 Visitors 
Thu1710.00am to 11.30amLadies Past Captains Cup-   cancelled Club Comp. 
  10.30am to 11.00amThomas x 16 tbc Visitors 
  11.00amMark Bradshaw (4) General 
  11.35am to 11.45amMcGuiness x 4 Visitors 
  11.45am to 12.10pmJackson x 10 Visitors 
  12.10pm to 12.30pmTomson x 11 Visitors 
  1.00pm to 1.10pmHAYMAN X 4 Visitors 
  2.00pmGREENING X2 Visitors 
Fri1810.30am to 10.35amLee x 4 tbc Visitors 
  10.35am to 10.45amBaker (8) Visitors 
  10.45am to 11.00amOrmskirk GC x 4 Visitors 
  11.00amMACWALTER X8 Visitors 
  12.00pmsmith x 4 Visitors 
  12.30pmR Howe (2) General 
  1.15pm to 2.30pmMashie GS TBC Visitors 
  5.00pm to 8.00pmMembers Food Night  Pie & Chips + drink £8.00- Booking requiredClubhouse 
Sat19 Portland Cup Club Comp. 
Sun202.00pm to 2.10pmwalkington x2 Visitors 
Mon2110.30amSeniors v Sherwood Forest  CancelledAway Match 
  11.00am to 11.10amhall x 8 Visitors 
  11.50am to 12.00pmMoor Allerton x 2 Visitors 
Tue2210.00am to 11.25amStableford Q Club Comp. 
  11.25amR Doherty (4) General 
  11.30am to 11.55amSandiway GC x 12 Visitors 
  12.00pmWINSTON X5 Visitors 
  12.20pm to 12.25pmBeau Desert x 2 Visitors 
  12.30pm to 1.00pmWollaton Park Past Captains Visitors 
Wed23 Weds Medal Club Comp. 
Thu24 Autumn AM-AM Open Comp. 
Fri2510.30am to 11.15amSCC Golf Society Visitors 
  11.15am to 11.45amBaker x 16 Visitors 
  11.50am to 12.00pmOakmere x 4 Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.10pm General 
  12.10pm to 12.15pmVisitors x 3 Visitors 
  12.15pm to 2.15pmAIPS Golf Day Visitors 
  2.15pmCREWE X3 Visitors 
  2.30pmRYAN X4 Visitors 
  5.15pm to 5.20pmCampbell x 1 Visitors 
Sat26 Arthur Lineker Trophy Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 2.00pmRyder Cup v Wollaton Park  Postponed until 2021Home Match 
Sun2711.30am to 12.30pmDennis Price Memorial Trophy Visitors 
  12.45pm to 1.00pmSandiway GC x8 Visitors 
  1.00pm to 1.50pmHogan x 31 Visitors 
  1.50pm to 2.40pmLisegs GS Visitors 
  2.40pmSmith (4) General 
  3.10pmI Baker (3) General 
Mon2810.30am to 10.50amMellor x 12 tbc Visitors 
  11.00amEDSON X 4 Visitors 
  11.10amPARKINSON X2 Visitors 
  11.20am to 11.30amHenstock x 4 Visitors 
  11.30am to 11.40amMoor Allerton x 2 Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.15pmChan x 8 Visitors 
  1.00pm to 1.20pmMarket Rasen x 8 Visitors 
  2.15pm to 2.25pmGRETTON X 2 Visitors 
Tue299.00am to 5.00pmMusgrove room Clubhouse 
  9.40am to 9.50am Visitors 
  9.50am to 10.00am 4 ball for cancelled open compGeneral 
  10.00am to 11.45amLadies Solheim Cup Club Comp. 
  11.45am to 12.30pmNicholson x 14 Visitors 
  12.40pmMr Chettleburgh (4) General 
  1.30pmM Maguire (2) General 
  4.15pmFuneral Wake Clubhouse 
Wed30  General 
  9.00am to 5.00pmMusgrove room Clubhouse 
  11.35am to 11.45amBush x 4 Visitors 
  11.45am to 1.00pmBoyd x 40 tbc Visitors 
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